One response to “OpenNIC DNS network”

  1. Thank for benchmarking my dns: :)

    Yes, normally you will never be able to beat the providers DNS in a perfect setup. In DNS the response time of the network is very important, thats why google-dns/opendns will never be as fast – except if they really stock up their anycast (which I believe google can still do better than opendns).

    The only reason, why I still never would recommend using the providers default DNS, is that they are not very reliable. You will see downtimes on “ internet monitor” all the time. And since a year or so many decided to put ads on NXDOMAIN.

    Anyways, my DNS should be pretty fast for people using Alice/Unitymedia especially in NRW Area – because they get mostly routed via Düsseldorf – where my DNS-Server is located.

    I am planning next year some hardware upgrades and IPv6 – so maybe then I can even beat your provider DNS ;)

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