if you haven’t noticed yet: SSL is turned off…

Of course it isn’t really turned off, all content is still available through encrypted connections (all links are still working), but it’s disabled by default.

But why!? I got a lot of mails during the last weeks, telling me that there is a problem with my SSL cert. Yes, your browser is completely right, my cert isn’t valid because I’ve signed it by myself.. To get a trusted certificate that your browser recognizes to be valid is very expensive. For a cheap one I still have to pay about $100, that’s neither worthy nor affordable for me and my private blog. But I’m always interested in ideally offering secure mechanisms, so I tried to provide SSL. Another reason for SSL was my auth stuff. Wordpress doesn’t provide both SSL and SSL-free access. In an installation you have to decide whether to use https://... or http://... for URL’s. So all links are either to SSL encrypted content or the next click is unencrypted. Don’t ask me why they don’t check whether SSL was turned on/off for the last query and decide afterwards on using SSL for all further links.. However, I didn’t want to authenticate myself unencrypted and so I enabled SSL by default.

To be congenial to my visitors I turned off SSL, until somebody sponsors a valid certificate. There are also many disgusting tools having problems with my website, so it might be the better way to deliver unencrypted contend. The information on my site isn’t that secret ;-)

As a consequences you aren’t able to register/login anymore. I scripted a little bit to find a secure way for authenticating myself, but you aren’t allowed to take this path :-P Nevertheless, comments are still open and doesn’t require any authentication.

If you can find any SSL zombies please inform me!

Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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