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Martin Scharm
Kirchenstr. 3
18057 Rostock

See also the manual page and have a look at the Dispatcher.


There is a form to provide feedback anonymously (really anonymous via tor).


You can send me an E-Mail. The following address is encrypted, you need to delete .crypt if you don’t want to send it to nirvana. Those of you that have JavaScript enabled may click the link behind my encrypted address to decrypt it automatically.

I prefer encrypted mails, please use GPG:
Fingerprint: 08E6 6E72 A83A 9871 CD49 3441 E81B C307 8D2D D9BD
My public key is available for download.
my old but still valid key: KeyID: 446DB306; Fingerprint: 0E75 62A5 405E 65B1 B477 4215 D9B3 5173 446D B306

Instant messenger

Jabber ID: (that’s no mail address!) Available for at least 24/7!

Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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