Some days ago IonHunter came into the world!

IonHunter is the tool I’m actually developing to receive one of these diplomas. It’s is a software to identify biomarkers in a huge number of LC/MS runs. IonHunter is able to preprocess mass spectrometry data, to merge multiple runs of the same sample and also to correct retention time shifts to align various experiments.

The whole software is modularly designed and easy to extend with further plugins. So developers feel free to join my development!

Currently it isn’t published, but since it’s written in Java it will run on nearly all operating systems. We focused on usability and comfort for mass spec scientists, who will use the tool.

This is just a small announcement for the recently launched website, you might want to take a look at it!? (-;

Small hint for my faithful readers: Subscribe to IonHunters newsletter to stay informed and miss no release!

Martin Scharm

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