Anyone of you using denyhosts? It works quite well, but I regularly need to remove some false positives. Manually. And that sucks.

Manually removing an IP

To remove a false positive you need to remove the IP from the following files:

  • /etc/hosts.deny
  • $DENYHOSTS/hosts
  • $DENYHOSTS/hosts-restricted
  • $DENYHOSTS/hosts-root
  • $DENYHOSTS/hosts-valid
  • $DENYHOSTS/users-hosts

with $DENYHOSTS being the working directory of denyhosts, in Debian’s case it is /var/lib/denyhosts/. Open every file, search for $IP, remove the line. As soon as you have a few users that do not get used to using SSH keys this workaround gets annoying quite quick..

Fortunately, there are scripts!

The scripty way

Here is the script:


if [ -z "$1" ]
    echo "give me an ip"
    exit 1

echo Removing $1 from denyhosts tables
IP=`echo $1 | sed 's/\./\\\\./g'`
service denyhosts stop
eval "sed -i /$IP/d /etc/hosts.deny"
eval "sed -i /$IP/d ${WORK_DIR}hosts"
eval "sed -i /$IP/d ${WORK_DIR}hosts-restricted"
eval "sed -i /$IP/d ${WORK_DIR}hosts-root"
eval "sed -i /$IP/d ${WORK_DIR}hosts-valid"
eval "sed -i /$IP/d ${WORK_DIR}users-hosts"
service denyhosts start

Just call it passing the IP address as an argument. Also available as bf-denyhosts-remove from my apt repo.

You’re welcome :)

Martin Scharm

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