Firefox is a web browser, in Debians world also known as Iceweasel


Firefox/Iceweasel can be installed from the repository:

aptitude install firefox-esr


The configuration of Firefox/Iceweasel can be accessed by browsing to about:config . The following configuration reflect my preferences:

  • Just store the latest 20 closed tabs in history: Set browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to 30 .
  • Set the delay before the save-button becomes active to only 1ms: Set security.dialog_enable_delay to 1.
  • Configure default file name for print to PDF: Set print.print_to_filename to eg. /tmp/mozilla.pdf.
  • Do not play standalone media (such as .mp4 files) directly in the browser: Set to false.
  • Mute media (autoplay etc): Set
    • media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground to true
    • media.autoplay.enabled to false
    • dom.audiochannel.mutedByDefault to true
    • plugins.click_to_play to true


Here is a list of Firefox extensions that I find useful:

Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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