Perl script to check if an LDAP account is about to expire.

It searches an LDAP tree for accounts and evaluates their PWDLASTSET value (if the ACCOUNTEXPIRES is not 0, which would mean that the account does not expire).

The maximum age of a password is typically determined by your organisation (typically something like 1 or 3 years). You can set the max using the --max-age flag. You need to provide the LDAP server URL using --ldapserver and the base DN, which hosts the accounts to check, using --ldapbase.

The warning and critical thresholds can be configured in seconds using --warning (default: 30*24*60*60 = 30 days) and --critical (default: 5*24*60*60 = 5 days).

Download the tool at (or see GitHub)

Please consider to take a look at my general monitoring setup notes.

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