Fight against your forgetfulness with a small bash script!

This script helps you remembering periodical dates like birthdays, (wedding) anniversary or anything like this. All you need is a configured mail server and the BSD tool calendar (most likely installed on your system). Just set up a file with all your important dates (check out syntax restriction in man-page), here is a small example:

#include <calendar.german>

01/01	happy new year
10/17	uschy
Oct 27	martin
Nov. 28	anybody else

Now replace the contents of the variables in the script and create a cronjob that runs the file once a day. So you’ll probably don’t miss further birthdays anymore!

Download it directly from your terminal:

wget /wp-content/uploads/pipapo/scripts/
Download: Bash: unforgotten (Please take a look at the man-page. Browse bugs and feature requests.)

Martin Scharm

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