Today I had a conversation with a scientist from Bulgaria who is working with microarrays. He told me some practical experiences of his work. It was very interesting and I learned a lot of things, in spite of the fact that I gave a lecture about microarrays some time ago.

In this talk he said a wonderful sentence:

Früher dachte ich immer die Russen wären dumm, bis ich die Amerikaner kennen gelernt habe!

English translation: Some years ago I thought the Russians are stupid, until I got to know the Americans.

Topic was the structuring of websites of companies. If he has a question he always has to search through the web because everyone tells him the answer is anywhere in there! affymetrix for example has thousands of user manuals, the intersection of all of these papers is very small, but one paper has hundreds of pages… And I think he is totally right. The arrangement of information today is very terrible, to find what you are searching about is some kind of art! But he doesn’t mince matters. I really like Eastern Europeans ;)

He invented me to his lab tomorrow so I can see how this affymetrix machinery produces the data that I get to analyze.

Martin Scharm

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dante | Permalink |

What software do you use to analyse Affymetrix data sets? Cheers, dante

Martin Scharm | Permalink |

Hey dante,

I’m a studying Bioinformatics, most of the software I’m using is probably written by myself. During my education I learned some algorithms to analyze such expression data. I met this guy to learn how these scientists produce the data and to get some normalized measurements from real experiments. So I can’t really recommend any software, but if you are interested in the tools that this medic uses, just tell me and I’ll ask him. Otherwise if you are interested in techniques to analyze this data from the perspective of a computer scientist please feel free to contact me!

Regards, Martin

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