On Tuesday I went to Penny to buy some usual stuff. This week they also offered digital microscopes. One was left, so I had to purchase!

I did not expect any great hardware, but I’m astonished! First because it works on my sidux without any driver or manual work, just had to connect it to my USB port! And secondly I did not thought that 200 times magnification is such a high zoom rate..

How ever, I already had a lot of fun with it and prepared a puzzle. Here are some zoomed images and you can try to guess where it came from. Suggestions can be posted via comment, those of you who found a right solutions are invited to drink a beer with me ;)

Zoom A

An easy one to start…

Solution: Wood guessed by Martin S.

Zoom B

You use it nearly every day, don’t you!?

Solution: Backside of a German Euro coin guessed by Martin S.

Zoom C

Girls have to know it :P

Solution: Paper Towels guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom D

Maybe you’ll find it in your office…

Solution: Ball pen guessed by Martin S.

Zoom E

Not mine, but nevertheless very nice ;)

Solution: Watch guessed by Martin S.

(Unfortunately it’s Maria’s, I don’t have a real image of it yet… Comming soon)

Zoom F

If you can directly tell me where it comes from I’m impressed!

Solution: Novell animal guessed by Maria

Zoom G

Nice and old one! We use it to decrease the noise.

Solution: Mousepad guessed by Martin S.

Zoom H

Teachers may know it.

Solution: Whiteboard marker guessed by Michael Rennecke and Christoph R.

Zoom I

It’s a small zoom rate and very easy, but it looks nice.

Solution: DVI-Connector guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom J

Done with a tool from previous image.

Solution: Painted Whiteboard guessed by Michael Rennecke

(Unfortunately with a hint…)

Zoom K

It’s a mini computer.

Solution: Chipcard chip guessed by Martin S.

Zoom L

I don’t really like it, maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t…

Solution: Sugar guessed by Christoph R.

Zoom M

Also easy I think..

Solution: Screw guessed by Norman

Zoom N

Office stuff.

Solution: Ammo for stapler gun guessed by Martin S.

Zoom O

From the refrigerator.

Solution: Sausage guessed by Steffi

Zoom P

You are using it at the moment! Thanks to Rumpel!

Solution: (Mona Lisa) Harddrive guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom Q

At least one of it is actually running in every bigger machine.

Solution: Fan guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom R

Ok, thats difficult, I’m wondering if anyone can find the right answer. I’ve already blogged about it…

Solution: Look through a SUN-Ray guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom S

Small zoom and simple to guess.

Solution: Crinkled cardboard guessed by Martin S.

Zoom T

Also for teachers.

Solution: Chalk guessed by Martin S.

Zoom U

Sportsmen know such things.

Solution: Rumpel’s scab ;) guessed by Martin S.

Zoom V

You’ll find one in nearly every office.

Solution: Pencil guessed by Christoph R.

Zoom W

Also not mine ;)

Solution: Shaved beard guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom X

Mmmh, disgusting, isn’t it?

Solution: Kiwi guessed by Maria and Norman

Zoom Y

Also disgusting I think.

Solution: Dried Strawberry guessed by Maria

Zoom Z

Germans should know it!

Solution: Print media guessed by Martin S.

(Wow, c’t identified! It’s written on the CD)

Zoom 1

Oh nice colors.

Solution: Display guessed by Martin S.

Zoom 2

Something like a kaleidoscope?

Solution: Condensed water guessed by Michael Rennecke

Zoom 3

Mmh, that is tasty, ask your doc!

Solution: Apple stem guessed by Maria

Zoom 4

Yes, that is mine!

Solution: Unshaved beard guessed by Michael Rennecke

Tomorrow I’ll provide some more images, but not for puzzling because to some of the images I don’t have a right solution or I don’t know an exact name. So be patient ;)

Update: As promised the album.


Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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Martin S. | Permalink |

Okay, ich habe mir die Aufnahmen mal angeschaut. Ist ganz schön schwierig, habe mir aber trotzdem ein paar Gedanken gemacht. Es geht ja immerhin um ein Bier! Bei allen Vorschlägen mit einem + davor bin ich mir ziemlich sicher:

  • - a: fasrig, Zellulose? (Holz, Taschentuch)
  • + b: geprägt –> Münze (Schnabel des Bundesadlers)
  • - c: Synthetisch, Plaste, großflächig? (Tapete, Untersetzer)
  • + d: Kugelschreiberspitze
  • + e: Metall, Gelenk –> Gelenk einer Uhr!
  • - f:organisch?
  • - g: synthetisch, Schaumstoffähnlich?
  • + h:Kohle –> Bleistiftspitze!
  • - i: Steckkontakte (SCART?)
  • + j:plan … Kulistrich!
  • - k: keine Ahniung
  • - L:Wasser –> Eis?
  • - M: gestanzt –>Kronkorken?
  • + N: Das was in einen Stapler reinkommt… (Heftzwecken heißen die glaube ich)
  • - O:Eis?
  • - P: Was nutze ich denn gerade?
  • + Q: wie Quarz ;)
  • - R: Keine Ahnung
  • + S: Wellkarton im Querschnitt
  • - T: feiner Kalk –> Kreide?
  • + U: Grind
  • - V: Keine Ahnung
  • + W: Eine Bürste
  • - X: ist das Organisch?
  • + Z: c’t
  • + Zoom1: Bildschirm –> Streifenmaske
  • - Zoom2:Fett in Wasser?/KLeber?
  • + Zoom3: organisch –> Teigware
  • - Zoom4: Pinsel, Drahtbürste?

Wow, very good! With 10 correct answers you could snatch 10 free beers at your next visit in Halle ;)

Christoph R. | Permalink |

hoping to break the record……

  • V - pencil
  • L - sugar (could also be salt, but than it would be unfair ^^)

all of other pics i am not allowed to solve :(

And 2 beers for Christoph R.! Maybe we’ll meet tomorrow for having some drinks? :P

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

I hope I get a bottle of beer….

  • c: marke-up pad? But I don’t hear about yellow marke-up… Then it’s colored printed paper.
  • g: printed paper
  • f: carpet
  • h: whiteboard eraser
  • i: male connector of a dvi cabel
  • j: rubber cabel
  • m: bubble gum (packed)
  • p: circuit board
  • r: handset
  • w: rumpel’s beard (He need a better shaver)
  • x: blue mark with tiny hair
  • y: anhydrous coffee, some days old
  • 2: wather drops
  • 3: mold on a bread
  • 4: martin’s beard

Nice try, 5 beers for you!

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

If the color of R ist gray? Then it’s a SunRay 1(G).

Hey very good! Another beer for you! Sums up to 6 now ;)

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

j: whiteboard

Ok, this brings you a little nonalcoholic beer… Unfortunately I prattled away…

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

h: Center Stage Whiteboard Marker 1.5-3 mm

Nice teamwork with Rumpel, a beer for both of you!

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

g: The novel animal

Maria (owner of the watch) | Permalink |

F - stuffed animal located in the room 3.33

Hey, a beer for Maria!!

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

c: colored rag

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

q: Shift-key

Maria | Permalink |

Y - (moulding) strawberry jam ;)

Ok, the best guess for this image… So I will turn a blind eye to it ;)

Your second beer so far…

Maria (+ Norman) | Permalink |

X - kiwi

HEY!!! Very good! Micha now also knows how a kiwi looks like ;)

For this great work each of you’ll get a beer!

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

3 - That’s a tongue… But I don’t believe it…

Norman | Permalink |
  • K - calculator
  • M - screw
  • O - Ice
  • Q - Arrowbutton
  • zoom 3 - bread or a cake or a picture from a scoped picture

One hit, one beer! Six beer left, so hurry up!

Martin S. | Permalink |

K: It could be a Chip on a ISO-7810 Smartcard

Yeah, another one for our alcoholic!

Martin S. | Permalink |

O: mould from your fridge?

Martin S. | Permalink |

G: Sun Microsystems (RIP) “The Network is the Computer” - Mousepad

Cool, some smart memories to your job as trainee?

Martin S. | Permalink |

Yes, the time I spend on the university was very inspiring.

Maria | Permalink |

Q - battery

martin | Permalink |

Intermediate results (in beer per person):

  • Martin S. (leader): 12
  • Micha: 6.5 and a noalcoholic
  • Maria: 3
  • Christoph R.: 2.5
  • Norman: 2

Ok, seems to reflect the real alcohol consumption per person.. Well, it looks like you are not able to solve the last ones, here are some more hints:

  • C: You’ll find it in the kitchen.
  • O: It’s some food and is called like an Austrian city
  • Q: Cools down the hardware…
  • 3: Part of a fruit.

So try to grab the last four beers!!

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |
  • C: kitchen roll < - with this interesting translation your nonalcoholic beer gets alcoholic!
  • O: catfish
  • Q: fan
  • 3: fruit core

further 2 beer for you

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

O: carp -> Karpfenberg

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |
  • 3: paring
  • O: fish -> Bad Fischau-Brunn
Maria | Permalink |

3 - fruit (apple or peach?!) stem

Bulls eye! Why you only know the difficult things? :P

Michael Rennecke | Permalink |

O: hering -> Wilhering

Steffi | Permalink |

O - Wiener

Yeah!! the butchers wife rocked the last one!!

martin | Permalink |

Wow, solved inbetween three days! Not bad guys ;)

Lets come to the evaluation:

  • Martin S. (leader): 12
  • Micha: 9
  • Maria: 4
  • Christoph R.: 2.5
  • Norman: 2
  • Steffi: 1

The last one (Wiener) was the funniest, let me show you some parts of the Jabber session with Micha:

  • [10:10:17 AM] 0rpheus: jo eben gesehen meine Fische sind falsch :’(
  • [10:11:23 AM] 0rpheus: jo war aber auch verdammt schwer ;-) Ich habe mir alle Städet in Östereich über 10000 Einwohner angeschaut
  • [10:11:51 AM] 0rpheus: Wolfsbarsch oder so was gibt es noch
  • [10:12:10 AM] 0rpheus: Birneneins? Birnen .> Dornbirn
  • [10:15:17 AM] 0rpheus: hehe ich weiß es es ist gefrorenes Kind -> Kindberg

Ok, hope you had as much fun as me. To get the beer just give me a suggestion of GPS coordinates and a UNIX time stamp and I’ll see what I can do for you ;)

I’d prefer (51.481886,11.935261) or (51.496565,11.936213)…

You should know how to contact me!

Martin S. | Permalink |

I would prefer the 1282413600 @ 50.701099,7.058042

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