In times of microblogging you all should have heard about URL shortener. There are a dime a dozen. The bad thing about public shortener: They are tracking everything… So why not installing your own one!?

There are a lot of shortener available out there, e.g. shorty, lessn, open URL shortener, PHP URL shortener, phurl, or kissabe, just to name some of them. Of course you can also create your own one. I took a look at some of these tools and decided for YOURLS. It’s very easy to install and comes with a nice API. I thought about providing this service for the public, but unfortunately the public always tend to exploiting these good deeds…

Of course I have some further intentions to use such a shortener, but you’ll read about it in some further articles ;-)

By the way, if you think about using YOURLS with PostgreSQL you should take a look at Matthias’ article (GER). He explains the setup and provides a patch, not that trivial as one might expect :-P

Go out and shorten the f$cking long internet! My blog is now also reachable at

Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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