Today a lot of great mails arrived at my inbox. In one of them I was reading I’ve just added your feed to the site.

Where did this mail come from?

The sender of the email was Tal Galili. He is a researcher in BioStatistics at the Tel Aviv University, very active around the internet. He also originated R-Bloggers and in this email he told me that I’m recruited ;-)

What is R-Bloggers

R-Bloggers is an aggregation of more than 200 bloggers writing about GNU’s R and some statistics/math/hacks that can be done using R. If you didn’t heard about R-Bloggers I strongly recommend to take a look at their website. I’m following this project since a while, it’s a great fusion of brainiacs! So I’m proud to have my modest R-related articles listed between them.

Btw. if you like R-Bloggers and/or have some R experiences yet you should also take a look at the ‘R’ programming Wikibook. Contributing your knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Let’s see what the future brings, happy hacking!

Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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Tal Galili | Permalink | 2011-07-11 13:18:06

What a kind post, thank you :)

BTW, if you are into the R programming wikibook, maybe you should add your R content their as a resource: (By sure you fully understand the license agreement that your content needs to be released by)

Best, Tal

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