MyTinyTodo is a self-hosted todo-list which convinces by its simplicity. It allows to maintain several different lists, you can assign tags, priorities and due dates to certain tasks. I used it myself for a long time and decided to fork the project in order to implement some stuff I missed in the original version.

 Figure 1: MyTinyTodo Result
Figure 1: MyTinyTodo Result

I do not intend to talk about MyTinyTodo a great deal. Very tiny, does nothing that isn’t necessary. No Dropbox/Facebook/Instagram etc integration. I really like this kind of software :D

But I was missing an essential feature: Creating tasks via mail. Lucky us, MyTinyTodo is distributed under the terms of GPLv3 license. Thus, I hg clone d and extended the tool with desired functionality. And since the IDE was already opened I added a tiny authentication (now: username + password; previously: .htaccess ) and secured the API by introducing a signature. Nothing special or complex, but it had to be done.

Long story short: I’m now able to submit tasks via e-mail. That means, a mail containing the following:

To: todo@your.server.tld
Subject: My New TodoItem
some more text

to describe this todo item


will result in something similar to Figure 1. All possible attributes that are recognized in the mail body are listed at the wiki on GitHub.

Find out more on GitHub.

Martin Scharm

stuff. just for the records.

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repat | Permalink |

I’m also writing an API for myTinyTodo at the moment. Maybe we can team up? Have a look at I added you on jabber :)

Martin | Permalink |

Gerade versucht deine Version zu installieren. Leider ohne Erfolg, das erste Hindernis war einfach zu Überwinden (db/config.php anstatt config.php.default). Als dann steup.php lief ging es nach der Auswahl der DB nicht weiter (sqlite) und das Apache-ErrorLog zeigte einen Fatal-Error als versucht wird eine Tabelle zu öffnen. Problem: die Datei db/todolist.db wird zwar erstellt, bleibt aber 0 Byte groß. Ich gehe von einem Fehler in der sqlite-Datenbankinitialisierung in der setup.php aus.

Das original MyTinyToDo läuft problemlos mit meiner Konfiguration.

Martin Scharm | Permalink |

Currently a bit busy, but filed this issue:

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