Current logo of CODE AHOI
Current logo of CODE AHOI

It’s corona-time and so many things are unclear. Yet, I decided to quit my permanent position at the University of Rostock and try something new o.O

So I just started my own company! The current logo is a paper boat and I already crafted a first draft of a website at CODE, so strangers can find my new business ;-)

I would like to use my expertise to support organisations and the local economy. And I would like to convince them to go for high quality and open source! Especially for public institutions: Public Money? Public Code!

The plan is to also blog about current jobs, ideas, and IT solutions over there at Those articles will be multilingual in German and English. Blogging in German will be an exciting adventure itself… However, I may copy the English version into this blog if I assume that it may be of interest for readers of this blog.

So if you’re curious or if you’re in need of a motivated developer and engineer, go and check out CODE AHOI! And tell your peers ;-)

Martin Scharm

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