Are you also annoyed by websites that open popups and external windows without your menu bar? And without scrollbars and no close button and … and .. and..

Restrict Window Open Features

Don’t worry, you can disable these “features”! In Firefox, open about:config and search for dom.disable_window_open_feature (see @azure’s pleroma post). Full documentation on these settings are available through MozillaZine. These preferences can also be set (and locked) system wide, which may be useful for multi-user and multi-system environments

Test Window Open Features

Mozilla’s Developer portal has a documentation on possible Window Open Features. There you can learn which features are available, what they mean, and how to set them.

Testing is then pretty easy. The following checkboxes allow for enabling/disabling most useful window features. If a box is ticked, the corresponding feature will be set; if it’s unticked the feature will be turned off. You can then click the link below to test how your browser behaves when opening this blog using the chosen set of features.

TEST NOW: Open using above settings.

The test should be browser independent, you just need to have Javascript enabled. However, let me know if it doesn’t work for you!

To see how I implemented the test tool take a look into the source code of this page, or check the script on GitHub. Remember? This blog is all open source :)

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Mr.T | Permalink |

Moin! It looks like that this feature is not valid anymore for the recent FF 80. The new location in about:config is: Set it to (zero) 0. Done.

Grüße Mr.T

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