WARNING: This Firefox extension is using legacy methods and outdated! Check the YOURLS Firefox WebExtension for the latest version.

Extension to shorten URLs from Firefox with your own YOURLS installation.

YOURLS is an URL shortener, just like bit.ly or goo.gl, but you are allowed to install your own private instance. So you can diminish the tracking of these big platforms ;-) This piece of software is an extension for the browser Firefox that let’s you quickly shorten the URL of the website you are just visiting. All you need is a Firefox and an installation of YOURLS. You can also find this plugin at Mozillas addon service platform.


This add-on for the Firefox consists of three modifications of your browser overlay:

  1. Toolbar-button: This button comes with a menu, you can shorten the current page or open a new window browsing to the admin page of your YOURLS API:
  2. Context-menu: A new entry is integrated in your browsers context menu, that will shorten the current page: You can also select some text on the website to give a hint about the keyword (works only if you setup the extension to ask for keywords):
  3. Statusbar-button: In addition a small button is placed into the add-ons status bar, a click shortens the current page:

The result of a shortening will be displayed in an alert box:


The setup can be done in the Add-ons Manager (browse to about:addons). Click on the Preferences button next to the YOURLS shortener entry and you’ll see a window like this:

Following values should be provided:

The URL to your YOURLS installation. In my case it's https://s.binfalse.de/
The signature of your account. You will find this string on the Tools page in the Secure passwordless API call section. This string is not required for public YOURLS installations.
Ask for a keyword?
Should the extension ask for a keyword before shortening? If this box is checked you'll always be asked like this: Not providing such a keyword has the same effect as unchecking the box: The API will decide about the short URL.
Max wait time
How many seconds should we wait for an answer from the API before we give up?


This extension is licensed under GPLv3 and has it’s own project at GitHub and of course it’s listed on AMO.

(Please take a look at the man-page. Browse bugs and feature requests.)