A Nagios-plugin to check if a device is mounted.

Those of you that have a bigger NFS infrastructure may know the problem, that some shares may unmount itself or won’t be mount correctly after reboot. This plugin checks whether a device a mounted on a specific mount point.

To run it just give it the mount point you’re looking for:

USAGE: ./check_mount.pl
        -m MOUNTPOINT   wich mountpoint to check
        [-t TYPE]       optionally check whether it's this kind of fs-type

If you additionally define which mount type you expect, this plugin will check whether your expectation matches. Just try it out ;)
Maybe you have to modify the location of your utils.pm by updating the lib -path in line 13.

Here is the code.


Please consider to take a look at my general setup notes.

Download: Perl: check_mount.pl (Please take a look at the man-page. Browse bugs and feature requests.)